Team Cinderella-Cowboys and Horses on the Road Winter 2011& 2011


Cowboys*Horse Barn Name*Registered Name*Event: (PRCA Ropers unless noted otherwise)


Clint Cooper - All Tie-Down Roping:


*Sweetness*Eighty’s Sport (PRCA –AQHA Tie Down Roping Horse of the Year 2010 & 2011)


*Cat Daddy*Fletchable


*Heisman* Six Foot Six*(was hauled/ridden by Tyler Waters IPRA & PRCA 2010 season; going with Matt Shizowa for heading 2012 spring/summer


On the above horses, Clint will let others such as Blair Burk, Fred Whitfied, Timber Moore, Trent Creagor, Justin Macha and Cade Swore get on to accommodate their travel plans.


The horses below are in development:


*Matt Dillon* NC Quick Bar Doc. Started out as a tie down horse, but is really coming on as a strong heading horse.


*Boo2* Haidas Hickory Pet. Bought him in March 2012. Boo’s 8 yr old half brother. Put side by side they look like they came off the same assembly line in the same molds! High hopes for him. Blair Burk has him for seasoning.


Clint heads, heels and tie down ropes on the two horses below:


*Hustler*Hustler’s Buddy


*Pepsi* Docs Pepsi Zan


Rod Hartness – Steer Roping (multi time NFSR Qualifier)


Roan Ranger* Die Hard Romance


Various Tie-Down Ropers:


Cinderella - my only mare now on the road for Spring 2012 under Bruno a brazillian traveling with Clint over the California run 4/12.


Solo - previously ridden by JD Kibbe, George Rowland & Blair Burk


Carlos Brown*Stripper* Oh Cay Fletcher


Brook Sully*Magic*Smokin Jays Melody-(High School and now College Breakway)


Karen Herbst (aka “Cinderella”) Team Roping-Heading *Drifter*-Stampede’s Drifter (Houston Stock Show AQHA Senior Heading Horse 1st Place 2010) and *Diesel* Four Six Silver


Breakaway- *Cowboy Cool* Lightnin Bar Bud (Was hauled/ridden by Lawrence McCulloch during 2009 and 2010 rodeo season;now being ridden Break-away by Tev Brackin)


Out of Commission:


*Vegas*Triangle F Mr Cita (Deceased 3/2011 at age of 23)


*Boo*Little Bo Bo Hickory (Salmonella poisoning 3/11 that turned into founder in front hooves-recovering at Whitesboro Cinderella Barn)


Rudy* Picketwire Scholar (was a steer roping horse but now pastured, had a bone chip removed front right pasturn)


Marley*Mr. Rapp (Riley Williams was High School tie down roping on him, but we sold him to another high school rodeo participant)

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